In pursuit of textual glory

Month: July, 2004

BBC widget

I recently updated to X.4.2 and one of the fringe benefits of this, is being able to play around with the new widget manager. Now that it is much more safer to download random widgets from the web without the fear of hackers taking over, I began to checkout various widgets on Apple.com. Here is one that caught my eye. Bright, colourful and well designed, it very much fits in with the rest of the OS X UI. Did I mention that it is a breeze to use and me being on dial up, found it to be much less of a bandwidth hog than having the BBC radio player open via Safari.

PS : This widget uses Real Player to access content on the BBC website.

Visual Glitches

I recently did an archive and install of my aging imac 800 Mhz to OS X.4.2. I have noticed that there are a lot more visual glitches in Tiger than there were in Panther.

On many occassions I have noticed that refreshing a webpage and then clicking on an item on the page before it fully loads produces these glitches.