Gollum Browser

by coelomic

Just randomly browsing the Wikipedia entries I came across this rather interesting iteration of a browser called Gollum!
gollum beta

It is being developed by a Harald Hanek, initially for his daughter and now under GPL for us all. In his own words he describes Gollum as such, “Gollum is a Wikipedia Browser for fast and eyefriendly browsing through the free encyclopedia ”Wikipedia“.
Gollum gives you access to nearly all Wikipedias in all languages. Further more Gollum gives you some special features which allow you to easily customize your work with Wikipedia.

In my opinion the interface of Wikipedia is too overloaded and confusing. So let’s get an easy to use interface. Gollum, the intuitive way to the powerful knowledge of Wikipedia.”

gollum navigation

Gollum is based on PHP and Javascript using XMLHttp request for communication, better known as Ajax. That means, there is no need for databases and the code is ready for PHP5. Therefore, the client is only required to use a browser like Firefox, MS Internet Explorer, Netscape or Safari with activated Javascript. Safari has yet to be tested according to the website but it works perfectly fine for me.

As you can see the navigation is nice and easy and the content is displayed in a very readable format. It loads pretty fast too, and has good localizations.

It is soon to be available as a beta download.

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