Setting up a Google web search Trigger

by coelomic

I love Quicksilver for its fantastic idea and its beautiful implementation. Here I have detailed the method of adding a web search trigger. If you dont have Quicksilver, you can get it here. I just noticed that the latest version of Quicksilver had this to say.

Welcome screen
Setting up a Google web search Trigger

  • Go to and enter the charatcters “***” ( 3 stars that is ) into the search box and hit enter. When google has finished searching, remember to copy the URL from the browsers address bar and paste it into a document, say Textedit. Now add the terms ” qss- ” to the front of the url so that it becomes a bookmark. For example if the url at the end of the search was “” then the bookmark would be “qss-”
  • Open the Quicksilver preferences window.
  • Select triggers so that you are presented with the trigger preferences pane.
    Click on the small “+” near the bottom to add a new trigger.

QS Search

  • when the window drops down just paste (command+V) the copied bookmark into the first pane.
  • You will see that the second pane automatically becomes “search for”. Also note how the third pane has a text icon in the picture above.

(Sometimes when you set up this trigger you may find that there is some text in the third pane, as shown in the picture below,in which case the trigger will not work.
Wrong Trigger

In such cases, we have to get rid of the text, so close all quicksilver windows and invoke the Quicksilver bezel, then paste (command+V) the earlier copied bookmark into the first pane. If there was text in the third pane while setting up the trigger then quicksilver displays the text as shown below in the third pane.


Now tab over to the third pane and go into text mode by typing “.” (A full stop that is) and delete the text in the third pane and then press Return (Very important). Then repeat the steps of setting up a trigger from the preferences pane as described above. You will find that there will not be any text in the third pane, but only a text icon or sometimes nothing at all, thats allright. Now that we have got rid of the text, follow the steps detailed below)

  • Press Return (DO NOT TAB into any other pane or do anything else as you will not get it right. Do not even click on anything else)
  • Now select the trigger from the menu and and assign a shortcut (F5 for example) for it by double clicking next to the key icon. Close the quiclsilver window.
  • Press the key shortcut and see the google search shortcut come to life!

Google Search Trigger

  • Remember you can do the same thing with other sites like yahoo, MSN , ebay , etc. For more such URL’s, look at the web search list.
    You can find more resources here, here, here and here!

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