by coelomic

O`Grady’s PowerPage has an interesting article on why Apple did not include the CSM with EFI on currently shipping Core Duo iMac’s. I beleive that Apple is not in the business of supporting windows and linux on their machines yet as it would include elements outside their control, hence they have not included the CSM module.

Of greater interest is the recent introduction by Intel of compilers for the mac. This introduces two interesting possibilities:

– If Apple has compiled OS 10.4.4 with xcode, then it is using gcc 4.0, and they are claiming that these macs run upto 4 times faster. Imagine the possibilities if Intel’s compiler is used!

– At some point in the future OS X is going to divorce itself of its universal binariness, and when that happens it remains to be seen whether Apple would use its xcode with gcc 4.0 or swallow its pride and use Intel compilers.