Quicksilver Tips & Tricks

by coelomic

Here is an odd assortment of Quicksilver tricks that will increase your productivity as a netizen.

Posting from Netnewswire to Del.icio.us

Talk about teaching an old dog new tricks. Thats exactly what we are going to do with good old applescript and some Quicksilver fairydust. I found this really neat Applescript on Mac OS X Hints to grab the current news item in Netnewswire and post it to Del.icio.us, assuming that you use both!

tell application “NetNewsWire”
set u to (URL of selectedHeadline) & “&title=” & (title of selectedHeadline) & “&extended=” & (description of selectedHeadline) & “&tags=” & (subject of selectedHeadline)
end tell

tell application “System Events”
open location “http://del.icio.us/YOUR_ACCOUNT_NAME?noui=yes&jump=close&url=” & u
end tell

Just copy that to your Apple script editor, modify it to point to your del.icio.us account, by changing YOUR_ACCOUNT_NAME with your Del.icio.us login name and save it to your NetNewsWire Scripts folder or anywhere that Quicksilver can see it.

Now you have to set up a Quicksilver trigger as shown in the picture below.

Assign this shortcut a trigger key combination. Now when you are in Netnewswire and would like to save a news item for posterity just hit the trigger and a window will open in your default browser for you to enter the details such as tags. Neat!

Screen Triggers

One of the great benefits of having the Mouse Trigger plugin ( You need QS B48 and Tiger and constellation plugin) installed is the ability to mail items just by dragging them to a screen corner.( The Apple Mail plugin and Mouse Triggers plugin need to be installed for this ). If you have installed the Constellation plugin you will get a radial menu with all possible email addressses when you drag a file to the screen corner. The mouse trigger preferences pane offers further customisations.
Using Backpack with Quicksilver

  • Make sure you’re using the latest version of Quicksilver, with the
    Apple Mail and Backpack plugins installed Make sure Mail.app is setup
    properly. You can check this simply by firing up the client and try
    sending some emails.
  • Next, you need to configure the email actions. In Quicksilver
    preferences, you need to enable the “Email Item… (Send Directly)”
    action, for the “Email Addresses”, “Text” and “Files & Folders”
  • Check this works – fire up quicksilver, hit “.” and type some text
    in. Then hit Tab, and select the “Email Item… (Send Directly)” action
    and hit tab again – finally press “.” and type in the destination (or
    select an address form your address book). If that works out, you’re
    ready to try sending email to backpack.
  • Log in to Backpack to get your developer key. Go to your Account
    page, and towards the bottom, you’ll see an option to show your
    developer key.
  • In the Catalog preferences for Quicksilver, click the “+” button to
    add a new catalog – select “Backpack Pages” from the drop down. This
    will be the catalog that will work out how to talk to our Backpack
    pages. Your newly added catalog will be under “Custom”. Select it, then
    click the “i” icon in the bottom right. Put your username and developer
    key in.
  • To try out your integration, bring up quicksilver and enter “note»
    sometext”. Hit tab and select “Email Item… (Send To)”, tab again and
    bring up the backpack page you want to send the note to, hit enter and

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