Use Gmail with Quicksilver

by coelomic

Have you always loved Google and Gmail, and would rather die than use Mail in OS X? Have you always wanted to use Quicksilver to be able to send mail using Gmail. Well as of today you can. The Quicksilver developers have released a Gmail plugin to do just that. All it can do now is “compose” using the web interface and “send directly” if Gmail has been configured in your

Lets take a look.

First grab the Gmail plugin available in your plugins section. Needless to say you must be using the latest version of Quicksilver, have beta features selected and have advanced settings turned on.

Enable Gmail as your mail handler in the preferences pane under “handlers”.

Next type a message into the first pane, tab over to the second pane and bring up “Email to…(compose)” then tab over to the third pane and select the address you want to send it to and hit return.

If you are signed into your Gmail account then the “compose” web interface comes up with your typed message and the selected email address in the “To” box. Neat.

I hope we get more functionality in the plugin. I love the fact that releases stuff fast and often unlike Google where stuff in beta languish for years without major improvements!

Hope you find this useful.

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