Why Apple should offer Windows

by coelomic

Apologies if you have read this title elsewhere. It is precisely that article that I have derived my inspiration from. Lets plunge headlong into Dvorak’s view that Apple is about to drop OS X and put Windows on its computers. Here are my views about why that is very very far fetched,

  • Apple thinks different in the sense that it beleives in the complete user experience that takes into consideration that the software and the hardware complements each other, a fundamental idea that Dvorak fails to account for in his analysis.
  • The OS is the heart and soul of Apple as we have seen in recent years. The hardware is only a platform and  the mark of a true OS is adaptability. And so now it runs on Intel!
  • There is too much history tied to the Apple OS that cannot be given up in an instance. Believe me there are some big egos involved.
  • Why would Apple want to replace its productivity enhancing OS for a crippled piece of spyware, from a company that is anticompetetive and does not think different?
  • The macintosh userbase is not going to take it, period.
  • I believe that OS X is the heart and soul of the macintosh user experience and Apple should do everything in its power to prevent ordinary pc’s from running such a fine os. Apple should offer the option to run windows and linux along with OS X on its machines as the capability of running 2 standard oses and one great os will sell a lot more machines.

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