Beware the Google spam creator

by coelomic

It is easy to dismiss the new phenomena of Google mania as unique to geeks, the like of which could never be experienced by modern, savvy, scientifically informed denizens of our society. But I couldn’t be more wrong. Psychologically, any new Google service seems to inflict upon us, a state of mass hysteria not vastly different from that conjured by priests and alchemists of centuries past.

The cause of the present commotion is “Google Page creator”. It promises to serve up your profile and thoughts in all its CSS glory for the wide web to see. Words fail me when I see that within moments of appearance the exodus of wannabe users managed to emasculate the server!
Not very different from the likes of, there are a few glaring differences.

  • Doesnt seem to work with Safari, not that I expected a Google service to.

  • Uses CSS but does not validate well.

  • The URL includes your Gmail login name for the wide world to see. Get the initial name and add and hey you have a new address to spam! Obviously the tag line to this would be ” All your spam are belong to us”.

  • Whats the deal with allowing users a page. How does this fit in with Blogger?

In our struggle to stay abreast of the next cool thing, our focus is so intensely upon the present and immediate future, that we neglect the lessons of the past. But here lies a serious error in thinking – for although technology changes rapidly, people do not. For example, throughout history there are numerous examples of large groups of people succumbing to mass panics, group delusions and popular myths used by spammers. Do not be carried away by a gimmick, one that will land your email address in the hands of the Viagra sellers.