Abracadabra Triggers

by coelomic

Oh boy, another day and another awesome Quicksilver plugin. I came back from work and noticed that there were a few Quicksilver updates. Of interest was an update to the iPhoto plugin, but more importantly there is a new “abracadabra plugin” and it does what exactly it says!

Get the plugin by going to your Quicksilver preferences, in plugins, choose “other plugins” to find plugins that aren’t installed and check the box next to Abracadabra. Make sure that  “Enable advanced features” is on and the app is set to Beta in the Application settings.

you should see something like this,

Select the abracadabra plugin from the main preference pane and add the sounds you want to hear when you do a gesture that is recognized or when you make a mistake or do an unknown gesture. You’ll also want to pick a key to use with Abracadabra. I selected “option”. There is another key that lets you select from mouse keys 3,4,5. I have only a single mouse button and hence omitted that. I am not really sure about the function of this drop down box.

You would see something like this,

Now set up a new trigger from the main triggers panel choosing the plus sign at the bottom then doing something you might normally do in Quicksilver such as, in my case launching the app Imagewell. Now change the Trigger type to Gesture ( by clicking on the area next to the key icon), and in the drawer that slides out, draw the gesture you’d like to make in order to perform the action, in my case , the gesture is the number 7.

When you change the trigger type to gesture you would get something like this,

And here is the gesture assosciated with opening Imagewell.

Now you are all set for the smoke and mirrors. Try it out by holding down option (or whatever key you chose) and performing the gesture. If you did it right, you’ll get cool green stars and the trigger is activated,otherwise red stars come up indicating that the trigger has not been recognised.


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