The FSF wants you, yes YOU!

by coelomic

The UK government has called for public comment on certain copyright and patent issues. The Review will be evidence led and has therefore issued a public call for evidence as part of its commitment to consult widely with interested parties.

The call for evidence consists of a letter from Andrew Gowers, accompanying an issues paper, which provides details of the scope of the Review and sets out a number of general and specific issues on which we would particularly like to gather evidence. It also invites respondents to highlight other issues for consideration by the Review.

The Review published a formal call for evidence on 23 February 2006, which set out the scope of the Review and asked respondents to comment on a range of general and specific intellectual property issues, and to highlight other issues for the Review to consider.

Now is the chance to fight against software patents and the gradual erosion of digital freedom by voicing your opinion. The topics being discussed are available here.

You can voice your protest/opinion against software patents and the all encompassing term “Intellectual Property” by mailing to this address –

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