by coelomic

The Zune has been uncovered, and many a pundit are playing up some of the oddest features ever seen in a media player and that is the Wifi sharing capability.

It is supposedly brings the mp3 player out of the pocket and into the realm of the social networking group, wherein people would Zune each other and discover new tracks and photos.

What I really dont get is the social networking part of it. On a social networking site the anonymity of the internet lets people live a double life and emboldens them to come out with their likes and dislikes, that they probably would not reveal to those sitting next to them. The Zune will let people discover others’ music and photos?? I am not sure how many people would willingly share their photos and music with a total stranger who in reality has to be within wifi distance, say on a train or a bus or even a park. Zuning does not assure the user the anonymity of the internet where such exchanges probably still hide your identity. And if the person you want to share the photos and music are that close then why dont they just lend them their iPod to have a look at!!