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Month: October, 2006


I have a full unregistered copy of Disco to give away. The serial number is unregistered. Kindly send me an email and pay the money into my paypal account to get the registration number. My email id can be found in the contact page of this blog.



Piclens for Safari is an awesome plugin. You have to use it to see how good it is. Once installed, it shows up as a small rectangle at the bottom left of the photo when browsing a page of photos such as on Flickr. Click the PicLens icon and then the magic begins. The photo is displayed full screen with some floating controls at the top and the bottom that displays what the next photo in the slideshow is and one can change the images with the arrow keys. It is truly great to browse through photo sites. One can get it here.

New Intel iMac

I recently bought an iMac core 2 Duo with a gig of Ram and a 256MB video card and I must say that computing has become an awful lot more pleasant. Not only does the speed increase help but the aesthetics are simply miles ahead of my previous machine.