What’s wrong with Disco

There has been a lot of viral marketing lately about the disc burning app ” Disco ”  and I frankly fail to see what it’s all about. I purchased the app after it came out of public beta a short while ago. For 14$ I am almost starting to regret buying the app for it really has a long way to go before it has Toast for breakfast !

Here is a list of things that are whacky and is by no mean exhaustive.

– The custom UI distracts the user from figuring out what is where. I had a hell of a time figuring out how to name a disc.

– The UI asks you to insert a disc or drop files, but when you insert a non session disc it does not tell you that you cannot burn any more session to that disc, something that a disc burning app should do.

– There is no such thing as a primer or an explanation for what session are all about and what the three options when selected or unselected do to the disc that you burn. An absolute must as I would be annoyed by coasters.

– My first disc was burnt and the final message that came up on the app window was ” A coaster has been burnt “, no kidding. I was annoyed as hell. There was absolutely no detailed error message that told me what went wrong. I was burning this on a 20” iMac and was not testing its sudden motion sensor.

– Imaging “DMG in ~ Desktop” – what the hell does that mean, and what are the other two options. What am I supposed to set them at?

– Disc types, what are they all about. I want to burn discs, audio, video and the like, not decide on what file formats to burn them in. I want Disco to figure it out, aka Toast.

– Can I choose an external drive?

– The whole smoke thing actually adds to the problem. Reading through the comments on the Disco blog, one gets the feeling that the beta users have been wanting a smoke machine rather than a disc burning app. It is nice that it can produce smoke but the disc burning issues have to be set right first.

– I would like a ” Test smoke ” button, so that I dont have to burn something just to see the cool smoke or fire or goo.

– Whats with the fixed burn speeds.

– Why does Disco not burn avi files to DVD format aka Toast?

– No progress indicator?

– Spandex, has a lot of things wrong with it. To cut a long story short, it doesnt seem to be working. I am unable to span large files. An explanation or an assessment of the files when dropped on Disco to tell me whether or not they can be spanned would be nice.

– Discography. Oh boy I love this. Its a great tool. Shame that it doesnt work. I have burnt 6 discs, but cannot look through the files. I tried typing  in the names of the files but nothing shows up. The developers have to fix this soon.

Way to go befor having Toast for breakfast.

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