Google Chrome

by coelomic

A fresh take on the browser

Google Chrome

We spend so much time doing our day to day activities on the web, namely, from banking to finding a spouse. The browser is quickly becoming the entry point app to these everyday activities. It traditionally has been and still is Microsoft’s backyard. With Internet Explorer commanding 74% of the browser market, with Firefox at 19% and Safari, at a distant third with 6% marketshare; Google’s Chrome may not have much traction to start off with. Plus Firefox and Safari do get monetary incentives as a result of search boxes in both browsers defaulting to Google search. 

I am not sold as to Google’s track record with software. Only Gmail is successful. The rest of them have languished without much traction. It remains to be seen if ” Chrome” will fare any better.

Some of the technical aspects of the new browser are impressive. It is based on Webkit and open source to boot!

I certainly like “tabs” that do not take up any more of the viewable window space along with the myriad other toolbars and what not. Alas, as a mac user, I will have to wait a while before I use one.