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Does Windows Still Matter?

“Chrome is not going to replace Windows. A computer requires an operating system such as Windows, Apple’s OS X or Linux to make the machine work. It does, however, have the potential to do what Mr. Gates feared: make the choice of operating system less important.”

Does Windows Still Matter? – Business, Power and Deals – Executive Suite blog – NYTimes.com.

Joe Nocera, said it well. The operating system is fast being made irrelevant by the internet. Google leap frogged Microsoft by releasing the chrome browser. The OS is irrelevant or more aptly, Windows is dispensable.


Google Chrome

A fresh take on the browser

Google Chrome

We spend so much time doing our day to day activities on the web, namely, from banking to finding a spouse. The browser is quickly becoming the entry point app to these everyday activities. It traditionally has been and still is Microsoft’s backyard. With Internet Explorer commanding 74% of the browser market, with Firefox at 19% and Safari, at a distant third with 6% marketshare; Google’s Chrome may not have much traction to start off with. Plus Firefox and Safari do get monetary incentives as a result of search boxes in both browsers defaulting to Google search. 

I am not sold as to Google’s track record with software. Only Gmail is successful. The rest of them have languished without much traction. It remains to be seen if ” Chrome” will fare any better.

Some of the technical aspects of the new browser are impressive. It is based on Webkit and open source to boot!

I certainly like “tabs” that do not take up any more of the viewable window space along with the myriad other toolbars and what not. Alas, as a mac user, I will have to wait a while before I use one.

Apple event for next Tuesday, the 9th – Engadget

Apple event for next Tuesday, the 9th

Maybe the much vaunted new iPods are coming. Should be interesting!